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This page features some of my videos that share the ideas and principles of Ambient guitar techniques highlighted in “How to Play” section of this resource. However my vision of Ambient guitar music goes beyond the common idea of ambient swells, drones and soundscapes. You can read about this vision in “Ambient Guitar Approach”.

Soundscape #11


Gear used:

The main idea behind this Soundscape tutorial is that you can generate ambient sounds in many different ways. If you play a guitar most likely you will play it with your fingers or a pick, in some cases you would use a bottle neck, an E-Bow or even an ordinary bow. But don't forget that your main task is to make it resonate - no matter how... Here I play strings at the end of a neck and bump my guitar with fingers.

I used this "bumping" technique later in an YBM ambient session - you can check it here: YBM "Ambient Session #2"

If you use a volume pedal and a couple of delays you can create pretty smooth musical noise. To make it musical - hold a chord and let your guitar resonate while you bump it, rub, shake or whatever... I would recommend turning down dry signal on your Delay and raising wet signal up. Tweak these parameters to avoid harsh sound with fast attack - what you need is slow attack. Actually slow attack is the key to any ambient sound. That's why ambient guitar players use volume pedals a lot.

Normally you would like to thicken layers with additional swelling chords. You can use vibrato bar at the end of the swell to swing the chord a bit. I always add a bass layer that would usually follow the harmony.

At the end of the soundscape I play a melody or some kind of solo... This time I decided to add an odd rhythmical structure. How to make this sound: I used 2 Deleays, 1st on Roland VG-99 → 390 ms, 2nd on Strymon Timeline Delay → 780 ms in dotted quarters. Play fast 2 or 3 notes of a chord - there's no need to play it in bpm time, though you can do it, of course.

You can listen to / buy this track on my Bandcamp page.

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