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This page features some of my videos that share the ideas and principles of Ambient guitar techniques highlighted in “How to Play” section of this resource. However my vision of Ambient guitar music goes beyond the common idea of ambient swells, drones and soundscapes. You can read about this vision in “Ambient Guitar Approach”.

Strymon Timeline looper


Gear used:

Actually this video is about how to make ambient music using only one comparatively simple device and a guitar (not to mention cables).

It is strange, but the best looper I've ever tried is not a looper at all). Strymon Timeline Delay is obviously the best delay machine you can find these days on the market. And though it has only a 30 second limit for a loop it is the best looper since it makes no crack\glitch\science\whatever in the place where the loop meets its end to start over again (that is called seamless looping)...

Also you can easily change presets when you play in looping mode. So if one day they make full featured multiphrase seamless looper they gonna go great guns and surely be #1 with their highest quality traditions.

You can listen to / buy this track on my Bandcamp page.

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