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This page features some of my videos that share the ideas and principles of Ambient guitar techniques highlighted in “How to Play” section of this resource. However my vision of Ambient guitar music goes beyond the common idea of ambient swells, drones and soundscapes. You can read about this vision in “Ambient Guitar Approach”.

A Trip to Hope


Gear used:

This is a short video that I did with “trip-hop” guitar sound in mind.

The guitar sound is formed in three stages. First, I shaped the clear guitar: amp simulation and some compression + overdrive in Roland VG-99. Second, I used Strymon Timeline’s “Tremolo” mode delay that adds tremolo to delayed sound, but leaves the rest untouched. Thus I got a mix of a clear guitar and tremolo effect in delay. Third was Strymon BigSky Plate reverb.

This time I used reverb in the end on the chain after the looper. I did it to avoid washing out of the overall mix that could have happened if I would layer three phrases with a good amount of reverb in every phrase. Sometimes it definitely has sense to place your reverb after a looper!

One more thing I did in this video was guitar rhythmic double track. I did it as it was actually meant to be. When you record a double track you pan your guitars like this: one to the left and one to the right.

You can listen to / buy this track on my Bandcamp page.

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