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This page features some of my videos that share the ideas and principles of Ambient guitar techniques highlighted in “How to Play” section of this resource. However my vision of Ambient guitar music goes beyond the common idea of ambient swells, drones and soundscapes. You can read about this vision in “Ambient Guitar Approach”.

Post Ambient Guitar - "TV session ep.1"


Everything in this video is played live


I use a Boomerang looper to record and overdub three layers in one loop


The 1 layer has a complicated structure:

I use Roland GR-33 guitar synth to play and freeze low droning sound on every chord

The rest is a pitch-shifter sound from Roland VG-99 fed to Meris Polymoon and Strymon Timeline delays


The 2 layer:

Here I use VG-99 and Timeline delays to create multitap rhythmic strictures based on dotted notes

Every pedal is set to 1200 ms to synch those repetitions


The 3 layer is just a subtle melody I play with an Ebow


Gear used:

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