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I've been playing guitar for nearly 30 years now. My musical preferences never been limited by genre, but Ambient guitar music finally let me be self-sufficient, because I no longer depended on bands or anyone else. This became a kind of safe haven where I felt comfortable and reliable as a solo performer.

Fade to Rise
Ambient Guitar And Soundscapes vol.2
Ambient Guitar And Soundscapes vol.1

"Fade to Rise" was released in summer, 2017. I can’t even remember all the albums, performances and musical collaborations I have been a part of, this release however, was a milestone - my first solo studio album.

While working on this album I kept thinking of my youth, when I was drawn to the romance of distant wanderings. My dreams were filled with journeys to faraway places. Rockwell Kent - his literary and visual art kindled my imagination. This album is inspired by his books and illustrations, especially his “N by E”, first published in 1930.



There are two video clips I did for "Endless Voyage" and "N by E". Try watching intergalactic "Endless Voyage" on a big screen - I hope it will carry you away...

Endless Voyage
N by E


I started uploading my Ambient guitar videos on YouTube in 2011. In October, 2016 I decided to publish the first “Ambient Guitar and Soundscapes” album with 24 audio tracks from those videos. Later on I released “Ambient Guitar and Soundscapes vol.2” with 25 audio tracks from videos shot in 2016 - 2017.


Since an essential part of my life now is bound with music composing (mostly for movies) I felt that it would be unfair not to share this music with my listeners.

"Tale of a White Ermine" was the first movie I worked at as a composer.

This movie is about complicated history of Haita China Factory in Syberia that was found in 1869. When this city-forming enterprise with long dynasties traditions collapsed in 90-s due to hard economical situation in Russia it was a real disaster for everyone in the region.

I’m really proud for this work because after the movie was released it had a giant resonance that finally inspired local businessmen to restore the factory in 2017.