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This page features some of my videos that share the ideas and principles of Ambient guitar techniques highlighted in “How to Play” section of this resource. However my vision of Ambient guitar music goes beyond the common idea of ambient swells, drones and soundscapes. You can read about this vision in “Ambient Guitar Approach”.

Stacking Delays #2

Gear used:

This is a short video that shows what you can do with Strymon Timeline when several different delays from VG-88 and GR-33 are combined together. It also shows all the main settings of the presets that I used.

The main idea behind a fat sound texture is to mix several sounds that would fill all the space between low and hi frequencies. Sound sources should differ from each other not to make a mess of it. Delays have to "breathe" in one time -- they can have different rhythmic structures, but ought to be in one bpm (though some of them may be triplets or dotted notes). It might be a good idea to avoid using reverbs in the chain before a final delay machine -- use them later.

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