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Drone: Ebow / Tremolo / Auto Resonant Filter

In this video tutorial I will show you how to get a dynamic response drone with an e-bow and some guitar processing.

Gear used:

I switch the "boxes" as shown above in the list. If I didn't use TC's Pitch Shifter I would normally place Timeline delay prior to G-Major processor, but TC wouldn't work well with a lot of delays coming into it. Another reason to place Timeline at the end of the chain was that stuttering effect caused by Tremolo mode (100% wet signal).

The main idea of the drone is a dynamic and frequency response that occurs due to interaction between E-Bow's distance to a guitar pick-up and TC's Auto Resonant Filter. The closer E-Bow to a magnetic pick-up, the louder a string buzzes. Auto Resonant Filter makes a quiet sound dull and loud sound bright. That's what happens to the guitar tone when I change E-Bows position.




P.S. Normally you need to use Fishman AURA Spectrum DI with acoustic instruments, but I've found it working fine with an ordinary electric guitar - it virtually turns your solid body instrument into the one with a hollow resonator.


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